Friday, October 22, 2010

Lots of updates!

OCT 7th--Kannon was admitted into Children's Hospital because he was getting too sick & he needed specific tests run. He was discharged late afternoon the next day. He had a swallow study done to see what the choking during feedings was all about. Basically they only saw that Kannon lets his formula trickle all the way down his throat, and by the time he notices he needs to swallow, he is already beginning to choke. If it was something serious and that continued, they would have put him on a feeding tube...BUT we have finally found a simple solution, and it has made a world of difference! He has to eat on his side semi-elevated, and his formula has to be cold.

OCT 19th morning(ish)--Kannon had his hearing test. He failed the tympanogram in both ears--so he has to go see the ENT doctor to make sure nothing is wrong. She said it could be clogged fluid in his ears due to him being so congested. We have the ENT apt next thursday.

OCT 12th and 19th afternoon--The Physical Therapist with Sooner Start came to our house to work with Kannon on his development & he is doing great! He held up his head for about 5 seconds on his own!

OCT 14th--Zach and I celebrated our 1st Anniversary!! We ate our top piece of the wedding cake, and surprisingly it was pretty yummy!

OCT 17th--I turned 23!! I got my own sewing machine---That right! I can sew ;)

OCT 20th--Kannon had his Orthopedic apt. FINALLY! We were there for about 3 hrs. Long story short, they did an x-ray on his entire spine...when the Dr. saw that x-ray (and the other ones from previously) he determined that he wants Kannon to have a CT scan on his entire spine. He explained that he wanted to visualize what kind of scoliosis it is (there is neuromuscular scoliosis, congenital scoliosis, idiopathic scoliosis, etc.) and he was unable to tell on the x-ray because his spine is still mostly cartilage & what he could visualize was covered up by gas (lol I could have told him that!) Depending on what kind of scoliosis Kannon is diagnosed with will determine whether or not they do and MRI on the spine next.

Today OCT 22nd--We are enjoying our Fall Break! Dinner with my entire family tonight @ Cheesecake Factory. I entered Kannon in a GapKids Denim Jeans Contest---I will let you know the link, so you ALL can go vote for him!! You get to vote everyday--so please do!

Follow up Pediatrician apt. to discuss the tests they ran in the hospital
Kannon will be getting his 6 month shots!
CT scan & follow up Orthopedic Apt to be scheduled soon
ENT apt. to discuss failed tympanogram in both ears.

Have a *SPECTACULAR* day!!

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