Monday, August 15, 2011

Angels Among Us

I have always been fascinated by angels. Some people might not believe in them, and some people do...but along our journey Zach and I have always had this "sixth sense" if you want to call it that...that someone is watching over us. We have had many quirky situations that have stunned and even surprised us...good surprises. For instance, I am going to share a story that I haven't shared with many, but to this day I dwell on how AMAZING God is for showing us his presence in another. I know that God appears in many different forms to those who believe. So that being said let me tell you my story. Kannon had just started his ketogenic diet. VERY strict, no sugar, all fat, and very regimented. There was no deviating from the diet. In fact everywhere he goes, he comes with a folder that lists all the things that in an unfortunate event of having to go to the hospital that they don't start injecting sugars in his body. He can't have chapsticks with any flavor (which I had just bought a whole package of Skittle flavors for him to keep in tune with tastes). He uses all natural tooth paste and given the event of needing any medications it all has to come in tablet form and crushed with water---no flavors. Flavor=Sugar and Sugar=Seizures just to be straight forward. We had been back from Houston for about 4 days (almost 2 weeks of being on the diet). Then I realized that Kannon's formula which we weigh and mix ourselves everyday was almost gone (It was a Friday afternoon). So I called to see if we are still supposed to be expecting our shipment to be in that day, and they told me that it couldn't be there until Monday. A whole weekend? Kannon can't just go back and forth on and off the diet, that's crazy. This isn't stuff you could just go buy...and I was so confused on what to do. So I called Kannon's dietician in Houston and explained the problem and she couldn't believe it was going to take that long to ship (but due to this formula not being very common I guess there were complications that took up precious time). So she told me that she would overnight some that they had in the hospital. So I was just praying it would get there in time of him needing some more. So we hung up the phone and I KID YOU NOT---someone banged on the door. I sat Kannon down which took a couple of seconds before making it to the door. Then, when I opened the door there was a package, and the delivery guy was already in the truck, driving off and waving at me. I'm instantly back tracking trying to remember what I ordered. I looked at the box and there was nothing on it to tell me where it came from. I opened it up and there it was--one can of Kannon's formula which would last me through the weekend! Talk about expedited shipping! God is GOOD :)