Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Discovery

I am so glad today is Sunday. When I first woke up I scared myself thinking that today was Monday, and I was late for clinic. I am in the Radiography Program and we start school back up tomorrow. I can't say that I'm not nervous. I took this summer of clinic off to spend that time with Kannon. Now I have mixed emotions about going back. I love the program and being there and all, but I'm torn between that and leaving my precious little boy for 8 hours. I fully understand how some moms just never make it back to work. Anyway, I am sooo excited to write on here today. First of all, let me just point out that when it comes to Kannon reaching another milestone it is BIG news. I am VERY happy to report that he has found his hands!!!!! He doesn't quite understand what to do with them yet. He looks at them like they are very suspicious, pauses to think really hard, and then they go right to the mouth. Not long ago he started using his hands to rub his eyes (well just his left hand), but today I saw him using his right. So this morning is a very exciting day in the Foster household! As for the the last few days, Kannon has been doing a great job. He has been sleeping through the night, and he's been eating very well! The other night he had 16 oz. before he went to sleep...16 oz!!!! That's four Dr. Brown's bottles! Let's just say he RARELY skips a meal, so when he doesn't take his bottle, it is his way of telling us something isn't quite right. He still has difficulty swallowing and usually chokes 2-3 times during a feeding, but we are waiting to hear back from his Pediatrician on when his appointment will be with the GI doctor. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments and prayers for our family. We greatly appreciate it. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday!

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  1. i still struggle with leaving my son every morning, and even more now with letting him go with his father every other weekend, so i can imagine it would be even harder for you to leave kannon.