Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is what matters.

Sorry I haven't posted the last couple days. I have finally got a chance to sit down and reflect on everything. Kannon and I went to the pediatrician yesterday. We found blood in his diaper so we had to get in a day earlier than intended. The Dr. said she is going to get us hooked up with a pediatric gastroenterologist to make sure everything is working how it should. And if all of that wasn't bad enough already, he got his 4 month shots too. Poor guy, he had a rough day...Besides all that, he seems to be doing okay though! He is still a happy baby, and loves to smile! While we were in the pediatrician apt. the Dr. began asking me A LOT of developmental questions. Does he smile? Yes, all the time, especially at his car (a wall decal next to his diaper changer). Does he giggle? No, but he gets really close, like he really wants to! Does he coo/babble? Yes, he is getting to where he will do that a lot more. Does he grasp objects? No. Does he roll over? No. Does he hold his head up on his own? No.

Before I had Kannon I thought all of this stuff was VERY important. I guess to a certain extent it is...but there is also a line to be drawn. The last thing I want to do is become obsessed with what Kannon isn't doing. Instead, I am obsessed over all the things that he can do. He can give you the biggest grin ever, he can make a mean diaper, he is the best snuggle bug ever, his startle reflexes are out of this world (he even scares himself sometimes, either by sneezing, coughing, or even an occasional toot), he rarely skips a meal (he loves his bottle), he hardly ever cries, and for the most part he sleeps through the night, and the list can go on forever! I pray everyday that he will get the strength to do all those things as far as sitting up, rolling over, walking, etc. However, I don't focus my attention on when he will do those things....I just love him for who he is right now. Today is what matters.


  1. What a precious little boy and a precious story! My heart and prayers are with you and your family, and that little Kannon wins this battle he has been given!
    Love, Maegan Estes

  2. Kelli and Zack,
    Be strong for Kannon. He still a special baby and has all the love he needs from all of his family. I will keep him and both of you in my prayers. God has a reason for
    everything in life, so be strong for Kannon.
    I Love you all very much,
    Love and Kisses,
    Mema Cheney

  3. We just read this together (me and mom) and needless to say we are crying now! We love how you are so positive and what a great mom you are! Kannon is a very lucky boy to have you and Zach as his parents!! We love you! Love, Kendra and Mom

  4. i love how you put down that you are focused on all the things he can do!! that is going to be the best thing you can do for Kannon and for you. I have a lot of reading and catching up to do, but you are doing a fabulous job. He is blessed with so much love! Jen Felan

  5. I think you both are blessed to have a baby like kannon..everyone expects to have a "perfect" baby and no bumps in the road, when in truth, the bumps are what's fun! Lol... Kannon is perfect in every way possible! He is sooo handsome! He looks like his momma! Hang in there and be sure to get some time to yourselves! I tried to google his disease and can't find any information on it, what exactly is it? Is there more regression than progression? Is there a life expectancy? How is he doing?