Monday, May 7, 2012

Kannon got chosen to be one of Helmer's Heroes this past week! Bryan Helmer is a team captain of the OKC Barons National Hockey Team! He was such an awesome person to get to meet and chat with. Here is some more information about Helmer's Heroes . It is actually pretty inspiring and talks about Bryan Helmer and his wife starting the program after their daughter was diagnosed with a severe blood disorder. You should definiely check it out :)

Kannon on the JumboTron! They read a little bit about him then interviewed Zach and I.

Kannon and I holding onto his ice cold hockey puck!

Zach, Me, Bryan Helmer, and Kannon Ball!

My two loves :)

Kannon...trying to figure out what this thing is...

Kannon doing what he loves! Snoozing!

Kannon's Bryan Helmer pin! #1 fan right there!

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