Monday, June 13, 2011

A Moment of Frustration.

I know I have been pretty positive through this whole experience, but everyone is entitled to a moment of weakness, a little bit of tears, and an ounce of frustration. Well today is my day! Let me just say through this whole experience one important thing I have learned is to go above and beyond to protect and fight for my sons needs. That being said, I am going to vent. First I will explain the beginning of my day and finish with my rude encounter with "Grumpiest Old Man" (the sequel to Grumpier Old Men). I was actually having a good day despite all the things that could have ruined it. But so that doesn't happen, I will put it all on here, then move on! It started by receiving a bill for $193.00 from Walgreens Respiratory Care. This was a bill I knew would come knocking on our door if I didn't call DHS and get this one TINY mistake squared away....Kannon's birth date was wrong. No problem, right? Easy peasy lemon squeezy? WRONG. I have spent the last 3 months trying to call DHS and have them change Kannon's birth date from 4/11/10 to 4/1/10. After coutless transfers & leaving numerous messages on voicemails & some even to higher administration and STILL no answer or phone call back...I have finally received the bill that I had been trying all this time to avoid. URGH. It only took 3 more phone calls today and then an hour of being on hold to finally tell someone what I thought. After that it took approx 3 seconds to fix the mistake and then be done with it. Really? No one should have to go through all of that just to get a very simple problem fixed. Then, to make my day even more dandy.....I was circling the hospital parking lot trying to find a good enough place to park that wasn't too far away so I could unload everything of Kannon's, still get him up to his appointment, check him in on time, and then feed him at exactly 2:30pm (the ketogenic diet is VERY strict on feeding times). I forgot Kannon's handicapped tag so I was looking for a regular parking space just like anyone else should do. Finally, I found someone backing out! Yay! But about the time I started pulling in the spot, someone zipped in front of me and pulled their car in the space first! My very natural reaction was to honk. I didn't do it in a rude way, just a quick honk and that's it. And oh man, you would have thought all hell broke loose. This guy threw his car into reverse and waved me into the parking spot, and so I pulled in. As I am looking in my rear view mirror, I notice this guy getting out of his car, and as if that wasn't enough already, I noticed another lady getting out of the car sitting behind his. I'm thinking...great, really people? So then I get out of my car because obviously he had something he wanted to say and I wanted to hear it....and this older guy is screaming at me and telling me how he has been following her since she walked to her car (and I'm thinking "wow you sound like creeper") and how he is here for his radiation treatment and kept repeating "I have cancer!!! I have cancer!!" He must have been in his 50's or so. He went on and on about cancer this, treatment that....and I let him speak, and I stayed very calm, but underneath was different story, my blood was boiling and this guy was getting me so pumped the more he talked, but I contained myself until it was my turn to talk. And when my time came, I let him have it. I started out with first telling him "I don't even want to hear it. My mom lost her 6 year battle with cancer this last November and she never griped the way you're doing right now. In fact, had you comfronted me about your personal situation in a more generous manner then I would have been more than happy to give up this parking space so my handicapped son and I could park somewhere else. And why are you giving me a hard time about being more deserving of this parking space when there are are three open parking spaces specifically reserved closer to the entrance for those receiving radiation treatments? I am not moving my car. Sorry." Needless to say, he nor the lady said another word and both of them got back in their cars and drove off. I never thought I would have to argue with someone over parking in a normal parking spot...but it happend and I am still a little confused by that ;)

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